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Sys Oppenlander

Modern . Abstract . Art 

Transitions. 36 x 72 Acrylic on canvas


Vibrant colors, exotic flavors, intoxicating aromas, and the bustle of city streets – abstract artist Sys Oppenlander pours her passion for these and other exciting elements of life into every one of her paintings. Through her modern, mixed-media works, the Denmark-born artist has effectively erased the memories of the cold, colorless environment of her childhood in Copenhagen. Travel was the key.

I was seeking anything and everything that was different from what my stark world had to offer,” she recalls. “And through my travels, I found breathtaking new surroundings. Today, my paintings are visual expressions of this new-found world.”

Rendered in acrylic paints and free-form yet controlled brush strokes, her bold, saturated colors sometimes slash, slice, or shimmer across partially texture canvases. Sometimes luminous colors meld into each other or dance separately across the canvas. At other times, her abstract paintings bring to mind colorful cumulous clouds or red-hot explosions.

The artist’s modern, abstract paintings also “reflect the kaleidoscope of life’s internal rhythms, its inevitable challenges, and its ever increasing complexity,” she says. (See About the Artist).